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Participate in a month long event to learn how to build various backends on Canonic’s low code platform. Enjoy a detailed walkthrough of all the features with us.
Special rewards for people who complete this journey.


Here are the things we
will build together

30 days of Canonic


A quick start template and guide that will walk you through the steps you need to build a customer-facing roadmap for your SaaS startup using React, email integrations, the upvote feature, etc.


Something we often contemplate about. Understand all the What, Why, and How of making your roadmap public, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to create one.


Learn how you can create, Release note tools in ReactJS, Tailwind, and GraphQL backend integration and know how to send them to communities as well!


Boost your engagement and highlight the best features with a notification bar. Get your hands on this step-to-step guide to build your own Dynamic Prompts/Notifications bar by using React.


Find all the details you need on how lowcode platforms can raise your ROI, with added features and benefits provided by Canonic.


With this walkthrough, learn how to build Request forms using React, Ant design, and lowcode backend along with sample projects to get yourself a kick start on building contact forms.


All you need to have for a SaaS Startup! Build public roadmaps, release logs, dynamic website notifications, and other SaaS tools without a backend.


The ability to gain insight in user behaviour and track your goals is crucial at any startup. This is our take on the importance of these goals and how they can be measured easily.

DAY 10

Track your PR's on Github in the form of a dashboard. A step-by-step guide to building your own custom PR Dashboard in just a matter of minutes.

DAY 11

Considering a low-code platform for your data aggregation need? Learn everything you need to know about how such platforms allows you to quickly build, and consume using a unified API.

DAY 12

Hydrate data from these different sources saving you the trouble of manual integration. Walkthrough the guide to learn how to hydrate references from multiple sources.

DAY 13

Want to monitor data from multiple social channels? We’ve got you covered. Get all your data in 1 dashboard and customize it as per your needs

DAY 14

One-stop solution for dashboards, aggregation platforms, connecting multiple datasources, or just to hydrate references.

DAY 15

Learn how to access YouTube metrics through Google Sheets reporting, and get weekly updates on Slack as well as an alert.

DAY 16

The solution to the struggle with multiple microservices and integrations, which creates overhead and a problem to contend with.

DAY 17

Here's how you can build a Github integration, a trigger that is triggered when the count of issues in a repository changes.

DAY 18

An in-depth guide with a step-by-step explanation on how to build their scheduled exports from Shopify to Google Sheets.

DAY 19

Wanna know which connector to use and when? A detailed article that outlines various use cases to let you choose the right platform for your specific needs.

DAY 20

Trigger interactive workflows on slack, and get the response back with a webhook endpoint to further add a pin in pinterest.

DAY 21

Integrations! Integrations Integrations!** Transform data, reduce time spent, scale your integrations, code editor, customized workflows, and whatnot! Find everything you need to integrate.

DAY 22

Everything you need to know and have to build a Marketplace app by yourself. With a detailed step-to-step guide to follow and a sample project to give you a kick start.

DAY 23

Know how lowcode tools are better than MVP tools for faster development, while allowing greater extensibility and control through this all-inclusive detailed article.

DAY 24

Build along with us a version of Producthunt where users can view all the listings and book them.

DAY 25

Know the difference and analysis for Adalo vs Glide vs Canonic, from the point of building MVPs.

DAY 26

A step-by-step guide for building a version of HubSpot that allows you to store details related to customers, like a CRM, send emails, and link to Google Sheets and Asana.

DAY 27

Know how to build a simple ordering iOS app in which users can view or buy all dishes/items and track the delivery.

DAY 28

Building Prototypes? Know it all here, with detailed guides to follow through, supporting articles for deeper understanding, and sample projects to clone and get started.