Creating a project
Connecting your data

Canonic is a low-code webapp builder that allows users to create Sales Dashboard, Refund Tools, Client Portals and many other internal tools with your existing data without code.

Building an internal tool?

This 5 minute video will explain how Canonic works and what you can build with it

All without writing a single line of code

You would need an account to start, Signin to begin!

Once you sign in you will on the dashboard screen. Your recent projects are listed on this screen. You will also see some sample projects pre created on this screen. You can navigate them to get a better sense of the Canonic's capabilities and best practices.

Creating a project

Click on "+ Create New" to create a project. You can either select from a pre-created template to quickly get started or start from scratch.


Connecting your data

You can link to an existing datasource. This will automatically create the content model by introspecting your existing database. In addition, it will also use your existing database as the primary datasource.


Select your database type and enter your connection string details and submit to start the import. It will test the database connection to make sure it's ready to link to it. Select the tables you want to link and hit save.

The content management system and APIs will connect to your existing database.

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