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Unlock the Power of Asana with Canonic

Elevate your productivity by utilizing custom-built integrations on Asana.

Empower Your Teams with Automated Workflows

Automate Tasks

Create and automate tasks and keep everything organized in one place to streamline your workflow with Canonic and Asana integration.

Easy Scheduling

Whether it's a weekly report or a monthly meeting, schedule and automate recurring tasks easily and endure that important deadlines are always met.

Automate Updates

Make task management a breeze by integrating Canonic with Asana and automatically updating task status, ensuring easy management.

Partner with Other Services for Enhanced Functionality

Slack - Real-time Notifications

Get notified instantly in Slack when there's a change in your Asana tasks with Canonic.

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Salesforce - Streamlined Workflows

Streamline sales and project management processes by automating workflows with Canonic.

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Google Sheets - Improved Collaboration

Get improved collaboration, increased productivity, and better organization with Canonic.

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Sync Asana with Google Calendar for better scheduling

Avoid conflicts and stay on track by syncing your Asana tasks with your Google Calendar using Canonic

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Build Custom Tools for Your Business Needs

Create Custom Dashboards

Get a bird's-eye view of your teams' progress across multiple projects by building a custom integration with Asana and Canonic.

Automate Project Reporting

Reduce manual workload by utilizing Canonic to create custom reports that extract data from Asana, saving time and effort.

Streamline Onboarding Process

Streamline your team's onboarding process with Canonic to create custom project templates in Asana for seamless experience.

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