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Streamline Your Github Workflow with Canonic

Efficiently manage code collaboration and streamline project workflows by integrating Canonic with Github.

Revamp Your Github Workflow

Custom Code Review

Create a custom code review process using Github and Canonic that suits your team's requirements.

Label Automated Issues

Set up automatic issue labelling and status tracking on Github to streamline project management.

Notification System

Get alerted when specific events occur on Github with personalized notifications with Canonic.

Explore Service Pairings with Github


Integrate Github with Slack and receive notifications in real-time to streamline communication and collaboration on projects.

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Jenkins Pipeline

Create a custom pipeline for building, testing, and deploying code from Github using Jenkins and Canonic.


Connect Github with Trello and automatically create cards for issues and pull requests to streamline management.

Salesforce Integration

Automatically create new leads and update cases in Salesforce from Github ensuring seamless workflow.

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Build Custom Tools for Your Business

Automated Deployment

Build custom applications that automate the deployment process based on Github events.

Continuous Integration

Set up continuous integration and monitoring for your Github projects.

Automated Testing

Create custom testing workflows to streamline development processes and reduce errors.

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