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Elevate your Google Analytics game with Canonic

Supercharge your data with Canonic, the ultimate integration platform for Google Analytics

Elevate your Google Analytics game with Canonic

Advanced Segmentation

Create custom segments based on behavioral data to get deeper insights with Canonic.

Automatic Real-time Alerts

Get automatic notifications when key metrics change, thanks to Canonic's cutting-edge AI toolset.

Personalized Data Dashboards

Empower your team with personalized dashboards with crucial data points.

Comprehensive integrations


Track and maintain the effectiveness of email campaigns by integrating Sendgrid and Google Analytics with Canonic automation tools.

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Improve your sales funnel by leveraging Salesforce data and Google Analytics with Canonic's powerful automation tools.

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Stay up-to-date on important metrics by integrating Google Analytics with Slack notifications, all made easy with Canonic.

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Track customer journey end-to-end by integrating Shopify data with Google Analytics through Canonic's integration.

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Business benefits at scale

Reduce manual input

Automate time-consuming tasks and free up your team to focus on driving value with Canonic

Eliminate costly errors

Reduce the risk of data input errors with Canonic's reliable and automated data exchange

Supercharge your team

Empower your entire team with the insights they need to drive performance, made possible with Canonic

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