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Take Your Google Sheets to the Next Level with Canonic

Enhance the functionality of your Google Sheets and build internal tools with Canonic

Streamline Your Business Processes with Custom Tools

Custom Data Entry Forms

Create easy-to-use data entry forms within Google Sheets for faster and more accurate data input.

Automated Data Validation

Ensure data accuracy with automated validation rules that identify and prevent input errors.

Workflow Management

Automate your workflows and processes by building custom tools to manage tasks, team assignments, and approvals.

Integrate Google Sheets with Your Favorite Apps


Report daily data or notifications to a specific Slack channel, or update data from messages right inside Google Sheets with Canonic.

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Get easy access to Asana tasks and projects within Google Sheets with Real-time Data for improved collaboration and work efficiency with Canonic.

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Manage and automate your email marketing campaigns, for scheduling/sending emails, tracking recipient engagement, managing lists, and more with Canonic.

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Sync data between Google Sheets and Salesforce or automate repetitive Salesforce actions using Canonic.

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Maximize Productivity and How

Proactive Analytics

Get up-to-date analytics and visualizations of your data, and keep track of progress with real-time dashboards.

Automated Reporting

Easily generate and share automated reports, complete with charts, graphs, and other visually appealing elements.

Easy Collaboration

Collaborate with team members in real-time and keep everyone on the same page, with access to updated data all in one place.

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