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Unleash the full potential of Hubspot

Maximize Your Sales and Marketing Capabilities with Canonic's Integration with Hubspot.

Streamline Lead Follow-Up with Custom Workflows

Automate Lead Qualification

Create workflows that automatically update lead scores based on predefined criteria.

Custom Lead Notifications

Get notified via email or chat for leads that fit your specific criteria ensuring no leads get missed.

Leads Assignment

Assign leads to your sales team automatically based on their skills or availability.

Use Hubspot's Data to Automate Your Sales Process

Custom Notifications when Leads Visit Your Website

Canonic's website activity tracker notifies sales team in real-time when leads interact with your website.

Automated Email Alert for Sales Team

Send custom email alerts for new leads or specific lead actions in Hubspot to the sales team.

Dynamic List Management

Create segmented lists easily with Canonic's Hubspot integration for focused sales efforts.

Build Robust Internal Tools with Canonic

Custom Dashboards

Create custom dashboards to effortlessly gain insights into your Hubspot data, making it easier to make the right business decisions.

Custom Applications

Use Canonic to integrate Hubspot data with custom apps, allowing for seamless data exchange between tools.

Report Generation

Customize and Automatically generate reports on your Hubspot data, saving time and effort for your sales team.

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