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Enhance your MySQL with Canonic

Maximize the Potential of Your Database with Canonic

Streamlined Management

Automated Data Processing

Take your data processing to another level with Canonic's automation tools.

Comprehensive Dashboards

Canonic helps you analyze and visualize data through easy-to-use dashboards.

Efficient Report Building

Canonic enables you to easily create custom reports based on MySQL data.

Expand Your Stack


Notify your team in real time whenever an event occurs in MySQL through Canonic's Slack integration.

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Use Canonic's Mailchimp integration to send targeted email campaigns based on your MySQL data.

Shopify Integration

Streamline your e-commerce business by integrating MySQL with Shopify through Canonic.

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Leverage Canonic's AWS integration to enhance the capabilities of MySQL with other cloud services.

Increased Efficiency

Faster Time-to-Market

Reduce the time needed to build and deploy custom tools, and accelerate your growth with Canonic.

Cost Savings

Save on costs by avoiding manual labor and reducing the need for additional resources in your business processes.

Improved Workflow

Canonic enhances your workflow and improves overall efficiency with intelligent automations and custom logic.

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