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Supercharge Your Notion Workflow with Canonic

Streamline your Notion workspace and accomplish more with custom-built tools and automations from Canonic.

Streamline Your Workflows

Automatic Data Import

Seamlessly integrate data from your favorite apps and services directly into Notion with Canonic.

Business Workflows

Streamline your team's workflows and collaborate with ease via custom automations with Canonic.

Build Custom Interfaces

Create custom interfaces on top of Notion that perfectly cater to your team's needs with Canonic.

Integrating Notion with Third-Party Services

Google Sheets

Sync data between Notion and Google Sheets automatically with Canonic.

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Create custom Slack notifications triggered by events in Notion with Canonic.

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View and share Asana projects, tasks, status and more directly in Notion with Canonic.

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and many more...

Integrate Notion with any API using Canonic's powerful integration tools.

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Maximize Your Team's Productivity

Custom Workflows for Teams

Create custom workflows that perfectly fit your team and cater to your business needs with Canonic.

Automate Repetitive tasks

Save time and effort by automating repetitive tasks via powerful automation tools with Canonic.

Collaborate More Efficiently

Build custom collaboration tools on Notion that work exactly how your team wants with Canonic.

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