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Unlocking the Full Potential of Postgres with Canonic

Elevate the way you work with Postgres

Streamline Data Management

Automate Query Execution

With Canonic, quickly and easily write custom business logic to execute complex queries and automate manual data management tasks.

Enforce Data Consistency

Ensure data accuracy and consistency by building validation and data integrity checks into your Postgres workflows with Canonic.

Integrate Data Sources

Use Canonic to combine data from multiple sources, including external APIs, into Postgres for enhanced analytics and reporting capabilities.

More Powerful When Paired

Google Sheets

Integrate your Google Sheets data with Postgres using Canonic to enhance your data analysis and collaboration capabilities.

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Integrate Zapier with Postgres and use Canonic to create automated workflows that seamlessly connect your favorite apps and databases.


Integrate your Salesforce data with Postgres and use Canonic to enhance your Salesforce analytics and reporting capabilities.

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Integrate Twilio with Postgres and use Canonic to build custom automation workflows for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages.

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The Business Benefits of Canonic and Postgres

Increased Work Efficiency

By automating manual data entry and query execution, Canonic and Postgres can help you streamline workflows and achieve more in less time.

Enhanced Data Analytics

By combining data from multiple sources and automating data processing tasks, Canonic and Postgres can help you uncover insights and optimize your analytics strategy.

Improved Data Accuracy

Canonic helps enforce data consistency and integrity, leading to better data accuracy and fewer errors in your Postgres database.

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