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Unlock the full potential of Sendgrid with Canonic

Build custom tools and automate tasks with Sendgrid

Streamline Email Marketing

Automated Onboarding Campaigns

Use Canonic to automatically send welcome emails, follow-ups, offers, and much more to gauge new customers.

Segmented Email Campaigns

Segment your email list based on demographics, behavior, and interests for targeted marketing campaigns.

Personalized Drip Campaigns

Create customized messages that are automatically delivered based on recipient behavior, increasing engagement and sales.

Seamless Integrations

Customer Follow-Ups

With Canonic, send feedback requests, surveys or recommendation requests after a customer initiation with your support team.

Resolution Notifications

Canonic makes it easy to receive alerts when a customer support ticket is resolved, ensuring timely response and improved customer satisfaction.

Ticket Escalation

Configure Canonic to automatically escalate a ticket to higher levels of support when it hasn’t been resolved by the assigned support personnel.

Streamline Internal Workflows

Automated Order Tracking

With Canonic, automating sending of order tracking updates via email to customers, along with internal alerts internally.

Subscription Management

Canonic automates sending billing and subscription related emails to customers along with internal alerts to teams such as accounting, sales or support.

Collaborative Workflows

Automate internal workflows such as approvals, hiring workflows or internal support tickets to seamlessly manage the processes.

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