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Maximize the Power of Shopify with Canonic

Supercharge Your Shopify Store with Canonic's Custom Business Logic and Internal Tool-Building Capabilities.

Boost Your Store's Performance

Inventory Management

Seamlessly Sync Your Inventory Data Across Shopify and Multiple Platforms, Track Sales, and Manage Stock Levels and more with Canonic.

Order Fulfillment

Make your order fulfillment easier by connecting with third-party providers, automatically managing inventory levels, and tracking orders using Canonic.

Marketing Campaigns

Enhance your marketing strategy with personalized campaigns that drive sales and effectively manage customer data with Canonic.

Integrating with Third-Party Services

Google Sheets

Seamlessly sync your Shopify data with Google Sheets, analyze, visualize, and streamline your data effortlessly to boost your productivity with Canonic.

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Tap into Pinterest's Massive User Base, Drive Traffic to Your Store, and Boost Your Sales via Pinterest integration with Canonic.


Efficiently Manage Customer Support Tickets by Integrating Shopify Data with Zendesk and Automating Follow-Up Processes with Canonic.


Streamline your customer relationship management by integrating Shopify data with Salesforce and creating automatic workflows with Canonic.

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Business Benefits

Customized Workflow Efficiency

Streamline your operations and maximize productivity with automated workflows and custom business logic with Canonic.

Improved Data Accuracy

Reduce human error and increase data accuracy by automating mundane tasks and enforcing consistent data entry with Canonic.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide a top-tier customer experience by automating personalized communications and managing customer data effectively with Canonic

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