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Build Custom Tools for Slack with Canonic

Create Powerful Slack integrations and Maximize your Productivity with Canonic

Optimize Your Slack Operations

Automate Tasks

Save time and efforts by creating custom workflows in Slack for easy management with Canonic's automation features.

Manage Tickets

Easily track and respond to customer inquiries by integrating your ticketing system with Slack with Canonic

Schedule Meetings

Automate repetitive tasks with a chatbot for scheduling meetings and sending reminders through Slack with Canonic.

Optimize Your Stack


Connect Salesforce account with Slack and streamline communication within the teams with Canonic.

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Sync tasks from Asana to Slack and assign tasks to the team with custom integrations from Canonic.

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Google Sheets

Pull data or send new information from Google Sheets into Slack with Canonic's integrations.

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Stay up-to-date with your team's development via GitHub repos integration with Slack using Canonic.

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Unlock New Possibilities

Real Time Analytics

Set up custom dashboards and get real-time analytics in Slack using data analytics integrations with Canonic.

Custom Chatbots

Build custom chatbots that can handle a variety of tasks, from scheduling to customer support with Canonic

Data Entry

Collect data from team members, customers, or users through Slack using custom data entry tools with Canonic.

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