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Empower Your Business with Canonic's Integration with Whatsapp

Build custom business tools and enhance your Whatsapp's functionality

Maximize Your Business Productivity

Automate Support Messages

Set up chatbots that use Canonic to respond to common customer queries, freeing up your team for more complex requests.

Simplify Appointment Scheduling

Use Canonic to create a tool that lets customers easily schedule appointments with your business through Whatsapp.

Make Data-collection Efficient

Build custom forms with Canonic that allow your team to collect and analyze data more effectively through Whatsapp.

Integrate with other Services


Use Canonic to build an integration between Salesforce and Whatsapp, increasing your team's productivity.

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Create a custom Slack bot that uses Whatsapp messages to send notifications and updates to your team.

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Use Canonic to set up a tool that allows customers to place orders and receive updates through Whatsapp messages.

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Create a Zendesk integration that allows your customer support team to manage tickets and respond to queries.

Improve Business Outcomes

Increase Customer Engagement

Use Canonic to build engaging campaigns and surveys that can be sent through Whatsapp messages, boosting customer participation.

Optimize Marketing Efforts

Leverage Canonic to analyze customer data from Whatsapp messages and create targeted marketing campaigns that drive sales growth.

Streamline Internal Communication

Create custom tools with Canonic that allow your team to communicate and collaborate more efficiently through Whatsapp.

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